Our Mission

The mission of the Intergroup Dialogue Collective is to encourage a culture of shared meaning, community engagement, and social justice by providing opportunities to practice the skills of intergroup dialogue. We aim to create a sustained culture of dialogue by developing relationships and infrastructure for continued dialogue and action within a community.


Level One

How to Talk About Race:
Beginning with Self
In this course we ask participants to engage with self on a deep level to begin to understand the smog (Tatum, 1997) of racism that we all breathe everyday.

Level Two

How to Talk About Race:
Intergroup Dialogue as Pedagogies of Anti-Racist Teaching in Schools​
This course uses intergroup dialogue as a tool and a method to continue to learn about self, unlearn racist beliefs and ideologies and to begin to create spaces for children and adults to address racial, structural, inequality.

Level Three

How to Talk About Race:
Practicing and Implementing Anti-Racism in Schools
This course uses intergroup dialogue pedagogy to support participants as they move into making change in their schools, homes and communities.